BT helps accelerate NTV’s high speed trains

Posted: 31 March 2011 | | No comments yet

BT announced the signature of a outsourcing contract with NTV, to build its communication infrastructure & to manage its ICT services…

BT announced the signature of a outsourcing contract with NTV, to build its communication infrastructure & to manage its ICT services...

BT today announced the signature of a substantial outsourcing contract with NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), the first private operator on the Italian high speed rail network, to build its communication infrastructure and to manage its ICT services. BT becomes NTV’s sole partner to project manage and integrate all communication services (fixed and mobile), the systems management of the data processing centre, the Wi-Fi coverage of the stations where NTV is operational and which will provide services to their customers.

The contract covers the implementation and management of NTV’s network infrastructure and information and communication technology, including its wide and local area networks (WAN and LAN) and its wireless networks. BT will provide all mobile and fixed lines services, using Voice over IP solutions.

BT developed device management platforms and unified communications applications for NTV’s main offices, integrating video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

NTV staff on board high speed trains will be supplied with portable PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) terminals allowing, various control activities, tickets validation and selling, on board personnel’s shifts scheduling, traffic control, malfunctions reporting through a specific integrated system.

BT also manages all of the company’s data centre services as well as its SAP platform.

Giuseppe Sciarrone, CEO NTV, stated: “Technological innovation is fundamental for our project. After careful evaluation, NTV selected the most suitable partner, in terms of know-how and flexibility in meeting the needs of a start-up company. BT’s support will allow us to offer passengers top quality services, on board the trains and at stations, and to create a modern and up-to-date work environment in the company”.

Corrado Sciolla, CEO BT Italia, said: “NTV needs technological innovation to compete in the Italian rail transport market. The outsourcing project developed by BT is very innovative. It brings together a wide range of resources and skills and integrates many different technologies. We are looking forward to fulfill the needs of a young and ambitious client such as NTV”.