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Mack Brooks


The Rail Market in the Nordic Countries – 2015

25 February 2015 | By MackBrooks

The main line and urban rail sector in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden is currently of great importance, with many projects, developments and network extensions planned to meet the increasing demand for public transport.

The Rail Market in Germany 2012

22 May 2012 | By Mack Brooks

Germany’s rail network is the largest in Europe and its market is a showcase for successful competition in the provision of both passenger and freight services...

Assessing the rail market in Brazil

21 March 2012 | By Mack Brooks

Brazil’s economy is providing a boost for the country’s railway network and significant investments are being made in new rail infrastructure...

Assessing the Polish rail market

1 February 2012 | By Mack Brooks

Poland is continually investing in its rail network and with almost 20,000 route-km, it is the third largest in Europe...

Assessing the rail market in Italy

27 January 2012 | By Mack Brooks

‘The Rail Market in Italy 2011’ – a report that provides a concise overview of the structure of the country’s main line and regional rail transport market...

Assessing the UK rail market

18 January 2012 | By Mack Brooks Publishing Ltd.

Mack Brooks has released ‘The UK Rail Market 2011’ – a report that provides an invaluable guide to the complexities of the UK’s rail market...