InnoTrans 2018 Interview: Elen Katz, Founder and CEO, RailVision

Global Railway Review Editor, Craig Waters, interview Elen Katz of RailVision at InnoTrans 2018 to discover his thoughts on rail industry developments and challenges.

At InnoTrans 2018 our Editor, Craig Waters, caught up with Elen Katz, CEO and Founder of RailVision to find out how they see the industry developing.

Elen Katz

Elen Katz, Founder and CEO of RailVision

  • What are the core values of RailVision and what products do you specifically offer the rail industry?
  • In your opinion what do you currently think are the problems facing the railway industry at the moment?
  • What do you think the solutions are to overcome these problems?
  • What would you say are the main reasons customers choose RailVision over your competitors?

About RailVision

Founded in 2016, RailVision is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, developers and engineers who understand the needs of railway operators. The company’s suite of innovative, standard-compliant solutions rapidly identifies infrastructure failure and collision potential to reduce accidents, injuries and damages, while improving maintenance and increasing railway uptime. With successful pilot projects at leading railway operators and strong financial backing, RailVision is ready to revolutionize the railway industry.

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