Is there really a use for AM in commercial vehicles?

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3DS webinar - Is there really a use for AM in commercial vehicles?

A walk around commercial AM applications with industry expert.

OEMs in the commercial and public transportation industries are focused on innovation paired with customized product configurations, while service teams are always looking for effective and efficient ways to keep existing fleets in service while countering labor shortages and supply chain delays. Additive manufacturing solutions and services can help achieve these goals by offering ways to accelerate sustainability initiatives, differentiate through customization, establish new benchmarks for asset availability, and be more adaptable to new regulations.

Many individuals and companies in the commercial and public transportation industry however have experienced a gap between their expectations and reality where additive manufacturing is concerned. Presenter Jaime Garcia is an industry expert with experience working in product design engineering for both offroad and rail vehicle OEMs. During this webinar he will share his insights on:

  • Practical AM application areas within bus, truck, and rail
  • Opportunities for additive manufacturing today
  • Limitations of additive manufacturing today

Jaime will share practical examples, including industrial seals and gaskets, pneumatic manifolds, and molds for thermoforming. These applications will demonstrate how additive manufacturing can:

  • Reduce lead time for critical spare parts from six months to one
  • Accelerate product development projects by 3-5X
  •  Cut asset downtime by 25 percent





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