Next generation of spares services by a new online marketplace and advanced 3D parts

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6 March 2019

3:00pm (GMT)

Supported by:

6 March 2019

3:00pm (GMT)


When spare part requirements are identified for a vehicle or infrastructure, things must move fast. Identification of spare parts in 10 seconds, ordering in 3 minutes, delivery in 24 hours – a seamless digital chain in material supply. But how can this promise be fulfiled?

Automatic spare part identification, an online marketplace for every material requirement and 3D printing are some of the drivers which contribute to 100% system availability.

Identification in 10 seconds:

When spare parts requirements are identified for a vehicle or infrastructure, things have to move fast. At the same time, an exact identification of the required spare part must be carried out. A new technology enables an automatic, fast and reliable spare part identification by simply taking a picture with your smart phone.

Order in 3 minutes

After taking a picture of the defected part, the real time connection with an ordering platform, makes purchasing quick and easy – an one stop shop to meet all the material needs in the rail industry. For rail vehicles and infrastructure, you can order everything from a complete locomotive to the smallest screw. Seamless integration of sellers, combined with reliable services in the spare parts business makes it possible to offer a very wide range of products, save time and support 100% system availability. Ordering of more than 130,000 spare parts is possible around the clock.

Print on demand by one click

Based on the customers experience with the spare part, experts combine this experience with the advanced possibilities of additive manufacturing, to optimize spare parts for a longer lifecycle. Enhanced and equipped with new functionalities. Conformity declaration for rail spare parts is included.

Delivery in 24h within EU

One example for express delivery is a concept especially for Vectron locomotives. It guarantees availability of all meaningful spares. The material will be provided within 24 hours in the EU and within 48 hours worldwide. Large components such as complete bogies can be delivered within 30 days. 100% availability for your systems.
We help our customers to optimize their processes and thus to reduce their overall costs. After synchronizing of customer and Siemens processes, high speed availability in material supply will be achieved.

Together with our customers we set the benchmark in the railway industry.


Torsten Wehrkamp, Head of Spare Part Services
at Siemens Mobility GmbH

T. Wehrkamp has worked >15 years in regional sales in different countries. Since 2011 he is responsible for spares business worldwide. His extensive experience in rail system and service business forms the foundation for a continuous increase in customer benefits. 

Kai-Uwe Mietzner, Head of Business Support
at Siemens Mobility GmbH

K. Mietzner has been working for Siemens in various positions and industries for more than 30 years. He has been with Mobility in services for 7 years and is responsible for innovations in the spare parts business.

Michael Kuczmik, Head of Additive Manufacturing
at Siemens Mobility GmbH

M. Kuczmik has >18 years’ experience in product development and manufacturing technologies. Since 2013 he is head of AM Center of Competence. He combines service business, rail and AM know-how.


1. The webinar points out the challenges and potential measures in the spare parts supply. It shows how to reach a seamless digital chain in material supply over the whole life cycle of vehicle and infrastructure systems.
2. Learn how to accelerate and simplify the identification and purchase of spare parts.
3. Understand more about the almost unlimited possibilities of additive manufacturing and how you can use them for the benefit of your company.
4. Ask our expert speakers questions and benefit from their knowledge and guidance.

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