Quo vadis mobility?

Posted: 9 April 2021 | | No comments yet

Dr. Ben Möbius, Managing Director of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB), explores four guiding principles which could help to pave the way for a mobility revolution, supported by the German railway industry.

What does the future of mobility look like? More autonomous, more electric, more digitally connected, zero emissions in support of the Paris Agreement. Rail must live up to its responsibility to deliver a lion’s share to this transition. The German railway industry’s promise: with the advent and evolution of new technologies, we can successfully address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, pollution and congestion. And, by the same token, we can give rise to a fascinating, very popular, climate friendly mobility option with an amazing travel experience. By 2030, there will be 40 megacities on earth (with more than 10 million inhabitants). But will there be blue skies above these metropolises? Today, thick smog, ozone levels and ridiculously long traffic jams are often leading to a collapse of urban mobility. There is an urgent case for a mobility revolution. So, the destination seems to be clear – but how do we get there.

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