High-Speed In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 29 March 2018 | | No comments yet

High-speed railways provide an efficient mode of transport, but they are highly complex systems and must combine various elements if they are to operate successfully. This In-Depth Focus looks at a project in its infancy and how their vision is taking shape, the importance of understanding what passengers want, and how the experience of an established high-speed line can help new projects succeed.

High Speed Rail In-Depth Focus issue 2 2018
  • The Phased Network Approach: A market-based model for high-speed rail
    The Midwest High Speed Rail Association (MHSRA) in the U.S. is celebrating its 25th year leading the effort to educate the public about the benefits of high-speed rail and persuading elected officials to invest in the future of the region with a modern passenger rail network. For Global Railway Review, Rick Harnish, Executive Director of the MHSRA, gives an overview of the fast, frequent and reliable trains project. He explains that building segments of high-speed line in phases as part of a regionwide network allows each investment to serve a much broader area, making the whole network more viable, creating larger transportation markets and building stronger constituencies.
  • Learning from High Speed 1
    Since opening on 6 November 2007, High Speed 1 (HS1) – the UK’s first and only high-speed railway – has had a transformative impact. Linking St Pancras International with East London, Kent and the Channel Tunnel, the enormously popular railway supports more than 20 million passenger journeys every year. It is the UK’s most reliable railway, with just 0.3 per cent of delays attributable to the underlying infrastructure. The line has supported significant growth in Kent’s visitor economy, with a nine-fold increase in leisure journeys in the six years to 2016. For Global Railway Review, Wendy Spinks, Commercial Director for HS1 Ltd, looks back at five lessons from HS1 for other transformative railway projects across the world.

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