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High-speed trains: from power car to distributed traction

6 June 2007 | By Dr. Ing. Ansgar Brockmeyer, Head of the Trains division, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Gerhard, head of Group Technology, Dipl.-Ing. Edzard Lübben, Head of Sales and Marketing subdivision of Projects High Speed and Intercity Trains, Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Reisner, Head of Sales and Marketing subdivision of Passenger Coaches and Dipl.-Ing. Monika Bayrhof, Personal Assistant to Divisional Management Transportations Systems Trains, Siemens Transportation Systems

Over recent years, the level of satisfaction among train passengers has continually increased thanks to new attractions offered by high speed trains. Attractive travel times and additional services in the trains are designed to increase the competitiveness of the rail. Building on experience with the trains of the ICE series…

The SF 500 high-speed bogie

6 June 2007 | By Mr. Christian Küter, Product Manager for Bogies, Siemens Transportation Systems

The Velaro E from Siemens Transportation Systems is the fastest series-produced train in the world. One of the reasons why the ‘supertrain’ is so successful, is due to the SF 500 high-speed bogie developed and produced in Graz. It sets new standards in terms of flexibility of use, passenger comfort…

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line project

30 April 2007 | By Mustafa Cavusoglu, Deputy General Director, TCDD

The Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Train Project is the first high-speed train line of Turkey and is being realized in two phases – the first being the 251km Sincan-Inönü section and the second being the 158km Inönü-Köseköy section. The 24km Ankara-Sincan and 56km long Köseköy-Gebze sections will be completed by being tendered…

The DB Netz operational ‘boom’ continues

3 April 2007 | By Dr. Volker Kefer, Chairman of the Board of Management for DB Netz AG

In an interview for the Global Railway Review, Dr. Volker Kefer, Chairman of the Board of Management for DB Netz AG, explains the companies operational techniques and also discusses future development plans to ensure that DB Netz AG is a company that performs successfully.

ProNetz – a new strategy that cares

3 April 2007 | By Oliver Kraft, Head of Network Investments, Long-Distance and Conurbation Networks on the Board of Management, DB Netz AG

DB Netz AG is responsible for the entire track infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn. The track network, which encompasses more than 34,000km, is the longest in all of Europe. It is presently used by approximately 350 rail transportation companies. There are approximately 39,000 train movements each day in combined passenger and…

Current GSM-R situation in Germany

3 April 2007 | By Klaus Müller, Project Manager of GSM-R, DB Netz AG

In 2005, Deutsche Bahn AG became the first transport undertaking in Europe to implement the new standard for digital train radio on the GSM-R system platform (Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail). DB AG is thus pioneering the technological transition from the older analogue communications facilities to the new…

Transforming Lübeck

3 April 2007 | By Mr. Matthias Hudaff, Spokesman and Technical Director of the Hamburg Project Centre, DB ProjektBau GmbH

Stations are the gateways to rail systems and they often act as the centrepiece of a city or a region. Their visual appearance and the services they provide are essential to customer satisfaction and have a major influence on the attractiveness of rail.

Rolling stock orders for DB

3 April 2007 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor, Global Railway Review

In the middle years of this decade, the German rolling stock market was quiet. The big post-reunification boom in orders in the 1990s was followed by a lull, as the German government sought to rein in public spending and prepare Deutsche Bahn AG for privatisation.

Crucial breakdown repairs at DB Netz AG

3 April 2007 | By Klaus Stahl, Manager of Process Maintenance, DB Netz AG

Ensuring efficient breakdown repair management for DB Netz AG means the guarantee of availability of the track system around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Long-future for long-distance travel

3 April 2007 | By Dr. Nikolaus Breuel, Chairman, DB Fernverkehr AG

The European rail network is becoming increasingly integrated and, with its attractive range of long-distance passenger services, Deutsche Bahn is one of the principal players.

Production System 2ooX

3 April 2007 | By Mr. Hendrik Penner, Manager of the Development of Single Wagon Load Traffic, Railion Deutschland GmbH

In the public debate, it is frequently maintained that single wagonload traffic (EV) is in need of urgent and comprehensive reorganisation. There are many and diverse reasons for that claim. On the one hand, the direct competition with road haulage leads to enormous pressure on prices, especially since the enlargement…

The growth of the Greek network

3 April 2007 | By Dionysios Chionis, Managing Director, OSE – Hellenic Railways

Strongly supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, a new era for Hellenic Railways is starting to take shape with major modernisation and upgrading projects of the railway service and infrastructure of the country.

The ÖBB/Porr ballastless track system

3 April 2007 | By Dr. Rudolf Schilder, Head of Permanent Way, Engineering Services, ÖBB-Infrastruktur Bau AG

ÖBB, The Austrian Federal Railway Company, transports approximately 183.3 million passengers and 90.6 million tons of freight traffic per year. The ÖBB railway network consists of approximately 3,600 kilometres of main railway lines and in the region of 2,200 kilometres supplementary network. At the moment, the maximum line speed is…

Improving routes and times

3 April 2007 | By Jean-Damien Bierre, Haut Bugey Project Manager, RFF

The Haut Bugey line project is one of several Franco-Suisse projects. Its aim is to improve train links between France and Switzerland, as per the agreement signed in 1999 by French and Swiss governments. Although the project is entirely located in France, the Swiss government provides close to one third…

Transforming travel

3 April 2007 | By Mr. Ian Benger, Projects Manager, First TransPennine Express

A partnership between FirstGroup plc and Keolis was awarded the franchise to provide inter-city and inter-urban passenger rail services to major cities and towns across the north of England, with also the management of 30 stations from 1 February 2004.