LEDATEL Sp. z o.o. I Wspólnicy Sp. K.


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LEDATEL Sp. z o.o. i Wspolnicy Sp. K. is a Polish company, which since its inception in 2007, i.e. over 13 years, has shaped the profile and goals of its activity. Initially, from a distributor of electronic devices and components in a team composed of several members, it has become an enterprise that has now delivered over 2,863 ICT systems on nearly 720 vehicles in the public transport sector. LEDATEL carries out deliveries of devices as a distributor and produces its own devices and systems, providing the customer with complete solutions along with maintenance. The company has an armaments concession and is successful in this area as well.

Consistently pursued goals of a team composed of over 100 people enabled rapid development and further successes in the company’s development. The key areas of activity are design, research, production, implementation and service. The highest quality of the offered products, adjusting the offer to the expectations of customers and their specific requirements, as well as high standards are the company’s strengths. All our processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of a certified quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 22163.

The most important events in the history of the company can be divided into three stages. The first one is the start of distribution of industrial equipment for manufacturers of rolling stock and arms in Poland. Over the period of several years, the company has significantly expanded its product portfolio, while learning about the functional and quality expectations of given groups of devices as well as their application in ICT systems.

This knowledge and experience allowed us to create the first connectivity and communications system for public transport on the Polish market, which opened the second stage of the company’s activity – device and system integration. In the next stage, the System Creation and Development Department and the original LEO Rail Platform were established. The LEO Rail platform is a set of applications and devices that implement all the functionalities of ICT systems that are fitted to public transport vehicles such as: Line Information System, Passenger Counting System and passenger flow analysis; Video Monitoring System with a module for the analysis of line zigzagging and catenary flashes; TCMS online data diagnostics system and full virtualized server environment running at the end customer.

Today, the company is not slowing down. The third stage that is currently underway is the production of devices under the ELLT brand. Own factory is a new area of activity in the field of vehicle equipment and new products for equipping public transport infrastructure stops. It is also the stage of implementing new technologies in the use of original monochrome and colour boards based on electronic paper. Work is underway on additional functionalities of the LEO Rail Platform in the field of the Carrier Settlement System, Toll Collection, and Online Vehicle Monitoring.  The purpose is to achieve an ERP-class solution – a system supporting the management of a communication

In our daily work, we follow our knowledge and practical experience. The creativity and curiosity of the team allow us to create innovative solutions. Our effectiveness in achieving the goal results from commitment, responsibility and honesty in the relationship with the Customer. Competitiveness is the courage to make changes.

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