Rail Delivery Group sees significant opportunities to reduce rail industry costs

Posted: 21 November 2011 | | No comments yet

“The truth is straightforward and undeniable…”

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Britain’s Rail Delivery Group, comprising the Chief Executives of the rail owning groups, freight operators and Network Rail today briefed politicians, regulators, funders, stakeholders, Trade Unions and the wider rail industry on progress with the priorities being pursued by the Group.

At an Industry Forum attended by eighty senior industry stakeholders the Secretary of State for Transport, the Right Honourable Justine Greening MP, said: “The truth is straightforward and undeniable: the rail industry will only be able to compete for future investment if its long-term cost issues are addressed. I’m pleased to say that the Delivery Group is demonstrating the industry’s willingness to take on board the challenge.”

The Chairman of the Rail Delivery Group, Tim O’Toole, said: “The industry has much to be proud of, serving the enormous growth in passengers and freight while improving safety and performance – but more must be done. Six months ago, the leadership of Network Rail and the major train and freight operating companies came together as the Rail Delivery Group. To serve our passengers and freight shippers even more effectively the Rail Delivery Group must unlock greater efficiencies through collective action and reformed commercial relationships”.

Tim O’Toole continued: “We have made early progress in uncovering the way those challenges can be met. The Forum is the start of a process to inform and seek the views of other key members of the industry about our efforts.”

The Industry Forum heard members of the Rail Delivery Group describe progress with each of the Group’s priorities, which cover

  • Asset, programme and supply-chain management
  • Commercial and contractual arrangements
  • Technology, Innovation and Working Practices
  • Train Utilisation
  • Establishing a Rail Systems Agency
  • Industry planning

Tim O’Toole concluded: “The Rail Delivery Group will provide the leadership to deliver value for money from these priority areas, which will provide the springboard for further cross-industry efficiencies in 2012.”