Argentinian Trains to utilise new technology to monitor face coverings and temperature

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The new solution that is being implemented on the Argentinian Trains network combines facial recognition with thermal and visible light imaging and ultra-fast temperature controls.

Argentinian Trains now using mask and temperature monitoring technology

Credit: Indra

Trenes Argentinos (Argentinian Trains) has introduced a new technological solution – developed by Indra – that works to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on its network by checking the temperature of passengers, as well as the ensuring the correct use of face coverings. During this first stage, the system has been installed in 350 turnstiles, which grant access to the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

The access control system, which has been installed on station turnstiles, integrates body temperature measurement, face covering control and the validation of ticket reservations by means of a QR code in order to lower the infection risk among passengers.

The new access control solution is directly connected to the Argentine train database in order to check the QR code that is necessary to access the AMBA trains during rush hour, which is restricted to workers that have been deemed essential.

Thus, the system makes it possible to confirm the ticket reservation at peak traffic hours, as well as confirming whether the person is an essential worker or not, and denying or allowing them to pass as a result.

After approaching the turnstile, the traveller is required to show their reservation QR code to a tablet located on top of the access control turnstile before being asked to stand approximately 50cm from the device, which then measures their temperature and, at the same time, checks for the correct use of a face covering, using technology that combines facial recognition with thermal and visible light imaging and ultra-fast temperature controls.

The implemented system will help to protect citizens and reduce the risk of infection, as well maintaining the highest security, operability and quality of service on Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area trains, which is one of the largest railway networks in the world, with more than 200 stations.

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