Cooperation agreement signed by GD of Russian Railways and Head of Belarusian Railway

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The cooperation agreement outlines a wide range of railway infrastructure, asset and workforce procedures that must be followed and ensured by both managing companies.

Cooperation agreement signed by RZD and Belarusian Railway

The General Director and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways (RZD), Oleg Belozerov, and the Head of Belarusian Railway, Vladimir Morozov, have signed a cooperation agreement.

The document defines: The procedure for interactions; the conditions for organising the movement of passenger and freight trains; the procedure for transferring wagons, containers and cargo; and the procedures for maintaining the railway infrastructure between transfer stations.

“I would like to thank you for this important initiative to conclude an agreement that will take our cooperation at the borders to a new level,” said Oleg Belozerov, General Director and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways.

As follows from the text of the agreement, the technical conditions and equipment of the transfer stations and the infrastructure of the adjacent sections of the railways on both sides must ensure:

  • The safety of train passage
  • The safety and health of employees and passengers
  • The safety of goods being shipped
  • The implementation of traffic sizes
  • Operations for receiving and dispatching trains
  • Operations related to the maintenance and commercial inspection of trains.

During their conversation, Oleg and Vladimir summed up the results of cooperation between the railway companies over the course of 2020 and discussed promising areas of joint work in 2021, including the development of container transit, projects to increase the volume of export-import traffic and the launch of new passenger services during the restoration of international railway passenger traffic with the Republic of Belarus.