ÖBB RCG now operates green traction current in the Czech Republic

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ÖBB Rail Cargo Group has begun operations of TransFER connections, exclusively powered by green traction current, to pursue the path to sustainable goods traffic in the Czech Republic.

ÖBB RCG now operates green traction current in the Czech Republic

Credit: ÖBB RCG

Effective immediately, all ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) operated TransFER connections will now also be exclusively powered by green traction current in the Czech Republic. This applies to intermodal transports from Brno to Budapest or from Mělník to Hamburg, and wagonloads from Bohumin/Petrovice to Hohenau, among others.

By using green traction current, ÖBB RCG is now also systematically pursuing the path to sustainable goods traffic in the Czech Republic. To push ahead with the shift to green traffic, ÖBB RCG is investing in a clean source for traction currents. In Austria, all ÖBB RCG have therefore been running on electricity from renewable energy since summer 2018 in Austria and since early 2021 in Germany. After the Czech Republic, more countries are to follow in the coming years.

Czech Republic an important market for ÖBB RCG

Over 300 RCG employees in the Czech Republic primarily handle customers in agriculture or waste management sector, the timber, chemical, and building sector. In addition to a warehouse with railway siding in Prague-Malešice, ÖBB RCG is also operating three container terminals in the Czech Republic at the central locations in Brno, Mělník, and Přerov. Be it transshipments from wagon to lorry or from wagon-to-wagon, the terminals have ample container stackers, rail facilities, and container capacity at their disposal.

Certified green traction current for RCG in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic

Green traction current for rail operations in Germany and the Czech Republic is generated by partner power stations and drawn from the public grid. Its origin is confirmed through certificates or proofs of origin. In Austria, ÖBB Infrastruktur is already operating eight of its own hydroelectric power plants and one solar power plant, which together generate more than one third the required traction current.

Responsible action in harmony with the environment and society

The goal of ÖBB RCG is to shift more goods to rail in the future. Every tonne moved by rail reduces the ecological footprint and contributes to reaching Austrian and European climate and environmental goals. Currently the ÖBB RCG saves rail freight transport save 1.1 million tonnes CO2 in Austria and the connections in the Czech Republic will be able to further increase this amount.

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