ARA welcomes incoming Labor Federal Government

The ARA are looking forward to collaborating with the new Labor Federal Government on advancing the Australian rail industry.

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Credit: ARA

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has welcomed the incoming Labor Federal Government following their election. The ARA are looking forward to working with the incoming Government on advancing a strong rail industry to support Australia’s growth and prosperity.

“The rail industry is leading a significant programme of work to meet our future infrastructure needs and ensure our sustainable development,” Caroline Wilkie, Chief Executive Officer for the ARA, said. “We look forward to working with the incoming Government to support a strong national focus for the rail industry. Policies that support a strong Australian rail manufacturing sector will ultimately lead to better deals for governments and create more jobs in the process,”

The Labor Government’s National Rail Manufacturing Plan and National Reconstruction Fund will support the development of increased capability in the Australia rail supply chain. More than 4000 jobs are created by rollingstock manufacturers and repair in Australia, with many of those located in regional centres. The $2.4 billion sector has key employment bases in Cardiff and Broadmeadow in NSW; Dandenong, Ballarat, and Newport in Victoria; Maryborough in Queensland; and East Perth in WA. The Labor Government’s commitment to establish a national infrastructure agenda and framework, and its strong commitment to faster rail, will help to maximise the benefits of rail investment in the future.

“A strong national approach to infrastructure development will assist industry in driving innovation, building workforce capability and delivering improved outcomes for the economy,” Wilkie continued. “We look forward to engaging with Government to support a national focus that ensures new projects best meet community needs and future demand.”

The ARA also looked forward to working with Government as it implements its sustainability agenda.

“Greater use of rail delivers significant sustainability benefits to the community and will be a key part of our journey to net-zero,” Wilkie concluded. “There is a real opportunity to harness the benefits of new rail projects underway to innovate, drive efficiency and create more sustainable outcomes for years to come.”

The ARA will also work closely with Government to advance skills development initiatives to help address the current skills crisis to support rewarding, long term careers in the cities and regions.

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