Metrolink put refurbished passenger train cars into service

Metrolink’s freshly refurbished passenger train cars provide new and improved passenger amenities for a more enjoyable and safer experience.

Metrolink logo on the side of a locomotive

Credit: Metrolink

Metrolink has put into service a refurbished passenger train car featuring new and improved passenger amenities designed for a more enjoyable, productive, and safe ride. The train car is the first of 50 slated for renovation. Footage of the new passenger trains can be found at the bottom of the page.

Credit: Metrolink

“We are thrilled to begin the roll out of the renovated train cars, with upgrades to enhance passengers’ travel experiences, into our system,” Darren Kettle, CEO of Metrolink, said. “The new train cars have a contemporary interior, charging ports at each seat, and a number of enhancements providing passengers with a safer and more comfortable ride with elevated amenities.”

Credit: Metrolink

Enhancements include features that make the train cars easier to clean, such as vinyl seating and non-carpeted flooring, as well as enhanced air filtration and UV lighting for bacteria, air pollutant and virus protection. Passengers will also appreciate the new energy-efficient lighting and bathrooms with a modern look and better odour control. For enhanced safety, the refurbished cars have side door obstacle detection, three emergency intercom buttons on every car and emergency fresh air ventilation in case of power loss.

Credit: Metrolink

Metrolink has a total of 121 passengers train cars that were originally built by Bombardier between 1992 and 2002. While all train cars undergo regular, daily maintenance, some of the older cars needed a “mid-life make-over” to improve their reliability and extend their useful life.

The order to rebuild 50 of the 121 Bombardier train cars was placed with Talgo-SYSTRA joint venture in June 2019. Metrolink expects to have 17 refurbished cars in service by the end of 2022, and all 50 cars should be available by early 2024.

Footage of the newly refurbished passenger trains is below: