Northern celebrate 1st anniversary of Neville Hill TrainCare Centre takeover

Northern became the sole operator of the Neville Hill TrainCare Centre on 17 October 2021 and have since transformed the depot.

Northern Neville Hill TrainCare Centre

Credit: Jonny Walton/Northern

Northern is celebrating the first-year anniversary of its takeover of Neville Hill TrainCare Centre on the outskirts of Leeds. Northern became the sole operator of the facility on 17 October 2021 and set about transforming the massive depot into a catalyst for change and delivery for rail in the North of England.

“TrainCare Centres like Neville Hill are fundamental to the daily operation of the UK rail system. Although geographically well defined, their impact on the railway system and its supply chain are far reaching,” Jack Commandeur, Engineering Director at Northern, said. “We inherited a tremendous team and we’re now working together in a focussed and consistent way on a single vision and strategy for the site that can be implemented for the benefit of all and subsequently the customer.”

Every day, a team of engineers and support staff at Neville Hill service 34 trains from nine different fleets and carry out more than 500 safety and service critical tasks. Their work supports 260 direct and 825 indirect passenger services a day.

Since it became sole operator, Northern has completed a site-wide clean-up, integrated teams for more efficient working, improved security, refurbished facilities for staff and improved safety with the installation of illuminated walkways. The Neville Hill team also share their learnings with other TrainCare Centres across the country with an ongoing programme of depot visits.

While customers will benefit from better maintained and more reliable trains; the local community will have access to employment opportunities supported by training and apprenticeships. Northern is the second largest train operator in the UK, with nearly 2,000 services a day to more than 500 stations across the North of England.