Virginia Passenger Rail Authority announce record ridership

The Virginia Passenger Rail Authority have announced a record January ridership of 87,300 on the Commonwealth’s Amtrak service.

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The Virginia Passenger Rail Authority (VPRA) have announced that January ridership on the Commonwealth’s Amtrak service set a record for the month of January. During the month, 87,300 passengers travelled, setting a record for the highest ridership in January since the Commonwealth launched state-supported service in September of 2009. January’s ridership topped the previous record for the month which was set in (pre-pandemic) 2020.

January 2023 vs January 2020 Comparison

Route January 2023 January 2020 %Increase
Route 46 Roanoke 22,639 16,689 +35.7%
Route 47 Newport News 24,215 24152 +0.3%
Route 50 Norfolk  31,226 19,220 +62.5%
Route 51 Richmond   9,220 8,276    +11.4%
Total 87,300 68,337  +27.7%

January 2023 vs January 2022 Comparison

When comparing 2023’s January ridership to 2022’s, the numbers show a strong rebound in post-pandemic travel, with every route seeing an increase.

Route    January 2023 January 2022  % Increase
Route 46 Roanoke      22,639 9,278   +144.0%
Route 47 Newport News       24,215 9,210 +162.9%
Route 50 Norfolk      31,226 12,007 +160.1%
Route 51 Richmond     9,220   3,271   +181.9%
Total 87,300  33,766 +158.5%

“The strength of these January ridership numbers – during what is usually a slow travel month – shows that demand for rail service across the Commonwealth continues to grow,” DJ Stadtler, Executive Director of VPRA, said. “It also reveals that more and more travellers are looking for alternatives and will choose rail when the service is reliable, safe, and on time.”

January’s numbers follow a strong year for the Commonwealth’s Amtrak Virginia service with 1,021,452 passengers traveling on all state-supported trains for calendar year 2022 – which set a record for yearly ridership as it surpassed the previous record of 953,008 set in 2019. During the year VPRA and Amtrak launched two additional roundtrips – one between Roanoke and Washington, DC and one between Norfolk and Washington, DC – and, also resumed one roundtrip between Newport News and Washington, DC that had been discontinued due to the pandemic.

The Commonwealth of Virginia first launched state-supported passenger rail service in 2009 with one roundtrip between Washington, DC and Lynchburg. Since that time, the state’s service has grown to include eight roundtrips daily with stops at 17 stations along four corridors. All four routes provide service within Virginia and to Washington, DC and points north including Philadelphia, New York and Boston.


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