European Transport Ministers give green light to Recast of the First Railway Package

Posted: 29 October 2012 | | No comments yet

European Transport Ministers put the official seal on the text agreed with the European Parliament…

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Today, European Transport Ministers at the Council meeting in Luxembourg put the official seal on the text agreed with the European Parliament regarding the proposal for a Directive establishing the Single European Railway Area – the Recast of the First Railway Package.

“We are glad that this has come to an end and expect that a smooth and quick implementation process will take place in each member state”, commented CER Executive Director Libor Lochman.

The European Commission, the Member states and of course the railway companies will now devote their efforts to the implementation of the Directive. Within 30 months, the Member States will have to transpose the Directive into their national legislation. Several details will also be defined and specified either via comitology procedure or directly by national governments.

At the same time, CER is looking forward to the publication of the so-called Fourth Railway Package which will substantially revise the Recast of the First Railway Package.

“It could well be the case that an article is being changed via the Fourth Railway Package by the European Parliament or by the Council while it is implemented by the Member States via the Recast of the First Railway Package at the same time!” said Libor Lochman.

“Today, I have a twofold hope. My first hope is that the proposal will take into account our suggestions and concerns. My second hope is that once the Fourth Railway Package will be voted, all institutions, associations, national governments and companies will work together to fully implement the rail acquis and to fully consolidate its rule into the market. This will then be the time for a period of legal and political stability and certainty for rail.”