ERTMSFormalSpecs goes Open Source

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ERTMS Solutions has released its ERTMSFormalSpecs product in open source, under the European Union Public License…

On the 21st of October 2012 , ERTMS Solutions has released its ERTMSFormalSpecs product (1) in open source, under the European Union Public License (2).

All stakeholders in the ERTMS industry can now use it free of charge as a reliable and formal specification of ERTMS’s subset 26.

ERTMSFormalSpecs provides a domain-specific language, designed to express the ERTMS specification in a concise and verifiable formal representation.

It is understandable by domain specialists while retaining the ability to be translated to executable representations by fully automated means.

Stanislas Pinte, ERTMS Solutions, CEO: “I am very happy to be able to make this announcement today. By releasing our ERTMSFormalSpecs under the EUPL license, we can at the same time make a massive contribution to the OpenETCS project, align our objectives with the OpenETCS consortium and further develop our ERTMSFormalSpecs service business. I am confident that, with our Open Source ERTMSFormalSpecs product, we shall be able to provide added-value services to all ERTMS implementors.”

Klaus-Rudiger Hase, DB Netz AG, Manager ETCS onboard systems and Project Leader OpenETCS: “I am very happy to see the positive side-effects of the OpenETCS Open Process and Open Proofs approach. Indeed, OpenETCS is enabling a shift in the ERTMS industry, from a license-based business model to a service-based business model. That shift is fostering competition and open standards, which are very beneficial for the end users: the railway undertakings, and, ultimately, the railway passengers. ERTMS Solutions is the first player in the ERTMS industry to initiate such a move toward Open Source by contributing 100% of their ERTMSFormalSpecs product to the Open Source community, and I hope more companies shall follow suit.”

(1) Download ERTMSFormalSpecs source code and documentation

(2) EUPL license

(3) OpenETCS project

(4) Braking curves in ERTMSFormalSpecs

(5) ERTMSFormalSpecs services information [email protected]


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