COMMENT: Martijn Gilbert, Hull Trains and Lumo Managing Director, responds to George Bradshaw Address

Posted: 22 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Managing Director of Hull Trains and Lumo, both open access operators, Martijn Gilbert has responded to the George Bradshaw Address.

martijn gilbert bradshaw

Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director of First Open Access Operations (including Lumo and Hull Trains), commented:

“It was great to hear many positive comments from speakers and attendees at the George Bradshaw Address about the growth and success of Lumo, and encouraging to hear the Government commit to accelerating the process for new open access operators. The rail sector has a vital role to play in helping the nation achieve its full potential – from hitting net zero to connecting regional economies and enabling social mobility. Just this month, Hull Trains published a report showing that it is expected to add up to £700m to the UK economy from its launch through to 2032.

“Open access operators like Lumo and Hull Trains prove that the public and private sector can work in genuine partnership, leading to investment which drives innovation and better outcomes for passengers.

“A great example of this is the new connection we hope to make between Sheffield and London, which will reduce carbon emissions and improve journey times between two key cities. We look forward to working with the government and all political parties to deliver more positive change through rail – because there are certainly more opportunities to unlock.”

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