Freightliner welcomes Labour’s plan for rail freight growth

Posted: 25 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Freightliner have issued their response to Labour’s proposed policies for the UK rail industry, welcoming the intended reforms.

freightliner rail labour policy reform

Freightliner issued this statement:

Freightliner welcomes the vision for rail announced by Labour today as being a positive plan for the rail sector.  The announcement by Louise Haigh, the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, recognises the importance of harnessing the potential of the rail freight sector in delivering significant environmental and economic benefits for the UK.  Growing rail freight is crucial to meet our net zero and decarbonisation commitments, improve economic productivity and deliver regional growth.  Therefore, the commitment to grow the size of the freight sector and ensure that the future Great British Railways has a legal duty to support growth, is particularly welcome. 

Tim Shoveller, CEO, Freightliner Group Limited, added: “We welcome the plans announced by Labour as a positive vision for rail freight.  Labour’s plan recognises the huge potential of rail freight and the importance of securing modal shift to help achieve our net zero targets and support economic growth.  Growing rail freight volumes will require supportive policies that make rail the mode of choice for customers and we will continue to work closely with the current Government and with future Governments to ensure that we harness rail freight’s full potential.”

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