COMMENT: Virgin Trains Ticketing Director, Mark Plowright, reacts to Labour’s policy announcement

Posted: 25 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Virgin Trains Ticketing Director Mark Plowright has issued a comment, responding to Labour’s recent rail policy announcement.

Mark Plowright labour

Read Labour’s policy here.

Mark Plowright, Director at Virgin Trains Ticketing, commented: “It’s encouraging to see Labour recognising the role the private sector has to play in selling train ticketing and helping passengers to get the best deal on their travel. Rail retail is a key part of the puzzle when it comes to rail reform. However, to really deliver on fares simplification, we need to address the outdated rules and regulations that limit how independent retailers, like Virgin Trains Ticketing, operate – doing this will ensure retailers can offer passengers services like Delay Repay and features like tap in and out contactless payment.

“We agree with the Shadow Transport Secretary that it’s crucial the rail industry is not ‘inward looking’ and that’s where retailers like Virgin Trains Ticketing can bring huge value to the sector by investing in innovation and growth and stimulating the competition needed to drive the best deal for passengers.”

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