CN launches new firefighting trains to help protect supply chain

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Canadian rail operator CN have launched two new firefighting trains and two additional carriages for their fleet.

cn firefighting

CN have announced the addition of two new firefighting trains along with two additional railcars to its fire mitigation and suppression fleet. With wildfires underway across Canada, this specialised fleet, the Trident and the Neptune trains will join CN’s existing firefighting train, Poseidon. Together, these three trains will provide support in combatting wildfires along CN’s right-of-way, bringing a significant amount of water and fire suppression capacity to isolated areas, helping to ensure the fluidity, safety and security of goods on CN’s network and surrounding communities.

As extreme weather events increase in frequency and duration, CN recognises the critical importance of taking proactive measures to safeguard its role in powering the economy, supporting supply chains, and transporting goods and materials to and from markets. Poseidon, Neptune and Trident are operated by specially trained employees and contractors and are purpose-built to strengthen CN’s rail network against the impact of wildfires.

“Our priority is to maintain the integrity of the supply chain so that we can continue to serve our customers and power the economy. By deploying these new firefighting railcars, we’re not only reinforcing our commitment to securing the supply chain, but also helping to support the safety and security of our neighbours in communities along our network, said Matthew McClaren, Assistant Vice-President, Safety, at CN.

CN works closely with federal, provincial, and municipal wildfire management authorities, along with Indigenous communities, to strategically deploy these assets where they can be safely and effectively used in response to wildfires. CN is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, and the communities through which it operates.

About CN’s firefighting railcars
Poseidon, CN’s proof of concept and first firefighting railcar is a 66-foot bulkhead flat railcar equipped with two 3,500-gallon tanks, three water pumps, fire hoses, and a diesel-electric generator. Two tank railcars, each with a capacity of nearly 21,000 gallons, are attached to either side of the flat railcar. The railcar can safely emit various forms of fire prevention and suppression substances, including water, foam, and fire retardant.

CN’s Trident and Neptune firefighting railcars are similar in design to Poseidon but with some key improvements, such as additional 360-degree cameras placed at both ends for real-time visibility. Other new features include a separate 20-foot container to hold pumps, hoses, and generators, as well as a 40-foot container with a built-in staircase and crow’s nest. The crow’s nest has 2 additional water canons and provides greater visibility for crews.

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