LIRR launches innovative QR code programme for real-time toilet feedback

Posted: 27 June 2024 | | No comments yet

The MTA Long Island Rail Road has unveiled a new QR code programme allowing passengers to promptly report toilet issues for swift resolution, aiming to enhance passenger satisfaction during travel.

LIRR launches innovative QR code programme for real-time toilet feedback

In a bid to enhance customer satisfaction, the MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) has unveiled a new initiative aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of station toilets. The programme introduces a user-friendly method for passengers to promptly alert authorities about any toilet maintenance issues they encounter.

Under the initiative, posters featuring unique QR codes specific to each station will be prominently displayed within toilet facilities. Customers can simply scan these codes using their smartphones, which will direct them to a brief survey. This survey allows users to report real-time conditions of the toilet, ranging from cleanliness concerns to inventory shortages of essential supplies such as toilet tissue, towels or soap.

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“The LIRR is laser focused on providing our customers with the best experience every time they ride the railroad and having a clean, functional and well stocked bathroom is a major part of that,” said President of LIRR, Rob Free. “This new system makes it easy for customers to contact the LIRR in real-time to report a bathroom issue and helps our stations department react quickly and efficiently with a solution.”

Upon submitting their feedback, customers have the option to receive confirmation via email, acknowledging receipt of their report and detailing the anticipated response timeframe. Once cleaning teams resolve reported issues, they can mark them as completed through the system, ensuring transparency and accountability in the maintenance process.

Furthermore, data collected from these surveys will be analysed by LIRR staff to optimise cleaning operations. Insights gained will inform adjustments in cleaning schedules and resource allocation, maximising bathroom maintenance across the railroad’s extensive network.

The implementation of this innovative feedback system is slated for early July 2024, promising enhanced convenience and cleanliness for LIRR passengers moving forward.

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