DP World expands London Gateway terminal with new RMG cranes to boost rail capacity

Posted: 3 July 2024 | | No comments yet

DP World has invested in new Rail-Mounted Gantry cranes at its London Gateway terminal, aimed at increasing rail capacity by 50% to meet growing demand for sustainable supply chain solutions and enhance operational efficiency.

DP World expands London Gateway terminal with new RMG cranes to boost rail capacity

Credit: DP World

DP World has announced the acquisition of two new Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes for its London Gateway rail terminal, marking a significant advancement in its logistics operations. The addition of these cranes is expected to boost rail capacity at the terminal by 50%, addressing the growing demand for increased rail connections and sustainable supply chain solutions from its customers.

The new cranes, set to commence operations in mid-August 2024, are poised to increase box handling capacity at the terminal by 75%. This enhancement aims to facilitate greater freight transportation to and from the terminal via rail, thereby alleviating congestion on local roads, reducing carbon emissions from the supply chain and enhancing competitiveness for DP World’s customers.

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Ahsan Agha, Vice President Port Operations at DP World London Gateway, said: “Customers choose us for our assets, our capabilities and the quality of our customer service. The expansion of capacity at the London Gateway rail terminal is testament to that service, with the increase in rail journeys between London Gateway and our UK rail network connections ensuring that our customers stay competitive while reducing their carbon emissions in order to meet their key sustainability targets.”

The RMG cranes, delivered by manufacturing company ZPMC at a cost of £12 million, boast a robust design with a lifting capacity of 41 tonnes each. Equipped with advanced control systems and software, these cranes are expected to significantly elevate operational efficiency and safety standards at London Gateway.

Looking ahead, DP World anticipates further advancements with the upcoming launch of a new fourth berth at London Gateway, a pioneering all-electric facility set to open later this year. This facility will integrate seamlessly with the operations of the RMG cranes, underscoring DP World’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in port infrastructure.