BNSF honours state DOTs for leading efforts in grade crossing safety

Posted: 4 July 2024 | | No comments yet

BNSF Railway Company recognises Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming for their outstanding commitment to reducing grade crossing incidents, setting a new standard in rail safety across their communities.

BNSF honours state DOTs for leading efforts in grade crossing safety

Credit: BNSF Railway Company

In an effort to enhance safety across its extensive network, BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) has announced that it has introduced the “Tracking to Zero” awards, recognising the commitment of four state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to reducing grade crossing incidents. The states of Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming have been honoured for maintaining an average of less than one grade crossing incident per one million BNSF train miles travelled in 2023, as reported to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

“BNSF’s commitment and passion for safety sets us apart,” said BNSF Assistant Director of Public Projects Richard Scott. “In 2023, we had our best year for employee safety in our company’s 175-year history, leading the industry. It’s important we also recognise those communities who are committed to helping us maintain the lowest grade crossing collision rate in the industry.”

The honoured DOTs have implemented diverse strategies such as installing grade-crossing separations, enhancing signal systems and exploring innovative safety technologies. They have also leveraged state and federal funding to maximise safety improvements and engaged in community education efforts to foster awareness and responsible behaviour near railroad tracks. These proactive measures have contributed to a notable decline in grade-crossing collisions across BNSF’s operations.

Looking ahead, BNSF remains steadfast in its commitment to achieving zero grade crossing incidents, aiming to further reduce incidents to less than one per million miles by 2030. The company continues to collaborate closely with over 5,000 communities across its network to promote a culture of safety and implement effective preventive measures.

BNSF’s commitment to safety underscores its ongoing efforts to prioritise the wellbeing of employees, communities and passengers alike, setting a benchmark for the railway industry in mitigating risks associated with rail transportation.