Hitachi Rail selects ERTMS Solutions ERTMSCamCorder to improve onsite testing

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“We are very happy to support Hitachi for its ERTMS onsite testing activities…”

Hitachi Onboard ETCS (European Train Control System) solution has successfully connected to the Network Rail Cambrian Line signalling system, achieving ETCS Level 2 operational mode. During “Verification-Train 3” project to trial ETCS onboard equipment in the UK, Class 97301 locomotive has been successfully retro-fitted with the Hitachi onboard system to prove interoperability with other systems currently in use.

For that project and all its future ERTMS projects, Hitachi has selected the ERTMSCamCorder solution to address the challenges raised by onsite testing.

Hiroaki Koiwa, Project Manager Signalling & Control at Hitachi Rail Europe: “ERTMS onsite testing is a very heavy process, taking much more time than one would expect. The ERTMSCamCorder optimizes these activities, and has no equivalent in today’s tools market. Features such as the 1-click onsite test reporting have provided us with a boost in productivity. The ERTMSCamCorder also greatly improves the communication with Infrastructure Manager, by providing strong, understandable and auditable evidence of the reality of the tests.”

Stanislas Pinte, ERTMS Solutions Sales Director: “We are very happy to support Hitachi for its ERTMS onsite testing activities, and to bring our contribution to the successful integration of components from two different ERTMS suppliers on an ETCS level 2 system.”

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