German approval for TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive

Posted: 22 December 2015 | Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, European Railway | No comments yet

The German Railway Authority has approved Bombardier’s TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive for rail freight operation in Germany…

On 17 December 2015, the German Railway Authority, Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA), gave approval for Bombardier’s new TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive, the first vehicle of its type to receive homologation in Germany.

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The TRAXX locomotive’s Last Mile features a support diesel engine with an accompanying traction battery and a remote control for shunting. Together, these systems enable this electric locomotive to bridge sections of non-electrified track. This ability is put to great use in places like ports, terminals, depots or factories where a supporting diesel shunting locomotive is often called in to help trains cross the final, non-electrified, track sections known as the ‘last mile’. The TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotives use their support diesel engines only when necessary, and are entirely emission-free when operating in traction battery mode while providing full traction performance also in last mile mode.

“The TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive will make it possible to utilise entirely new logistics concepts”

Ulrich Jochem, Head of Locomotives, Bombardier Transportation, said, “Approval by the German Railway Authority is a very important milestone for further implementing the TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive in Central Europe. The TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive will make it possible to utilise entirely new logistics concepts.”

According to Bombardier, over 240 orders have been placed for different variants of the TRAXX AC3 locomotive. It has also received various certifications in accordance with the applicable TSI (technical specifications for interoperability).

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