Oklahoma’s transport infrastructure receives investment of $45 million

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Union Pacific builds and maintains track without taxpayer funds, enabling the infrastructure investments to improve state networks, reduce pollution and provide jobs within the area…

Oklahoma’s transport infrastructure receives investment of $45 million

Union Pacific Railroad has announced they will invest $45 million into Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure. The company’s planned private investment will enhance safety, operating efficiency and support customer services.

Union Pacific’s trains have the ability to reduce traffic on Oklahoma’s congested highways with one train capable of carrying as much freight as 300 trucks. Moving one tonne of freight along 452 miles on a single gallon of diesel generates a carbon footprint that is 75 per cent less than trucks.

The private investments help sustain jobs and ensure the company can meet the growing demand for products used in the American economy. A range of initiatives are included in the investment, including $33 million for the maintenance of railroad track and $8 million for the maintenance of bridges in the state.

Other key projects planned this year include a $24 million investment into the rail line between the Kansas Oklahoma state line and Pryor which will replace 50 miles of rail and a $3.6 million investment into the rail line between Gore and Wagoner to replace 26,520 railroad ties and install 18,548 tonnes of rock ballast.

The planned $45 million capital expenditure in Oklahoma is part of the company’s ongoing investment strategy. Between 2013-2017, Union Pacific invested more than $211 million into strengthening Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure.

“Our targeted investments support customers and enhance our efficiency to deliver the goods American businesses and families use daily,” said Brenda Mainwaring, Union Pacific Assistant Vice President – Public Affairs, Southern Region.

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