Brightline partners with ride-sharing company Lyft

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The privately owned, inter-city passenger rail service in the U.S. is supporting multi-modal transportation and simplifying the travel experience for their users…


Brightline has named Lyft as an exclusive ride-share partner; the first-of-its-kind for Lyft in Florida.

The partnership will launch on 19 May to coincide with the start of Brightline’s service to Miami.

Brightline’s three current stations will have Lyft branding and wayfinding signage indicating the location of designated Lyft pick-up and drop-off zones, where Brightline guests can wait for their ride in a lounge-style environment.

The apps from both companies will enable users to easily connect with their driver, view the car’s estimated arrival time and a projected fare.

“As we prepare to launch introductory service in Miami, we’re thrilled to have a partner that is equally passionate about providing accessible and convenient transportation throughout South Florida,” said Ravneet Bhandari, Brightline’s Chief Commercial Officer. “By partnering with Lyft, we’re able to ensure that each of our guests will enjoy a seamless journey.”

Brightline and Lyft have shared commitments to offer travel options that ease the stress of driving and affect positive change through transportation. These co-located stations will help close the gap between transit and passengers’ doorsteps.

“Lyft was founded with the mission to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation and to do that, we believe that South Floridians need a spectrum of transportation options – from public transit to ride-share and more,” said Sam Cohen, Florida General Manager for Lyft. “With the addition of Brightline, passengers will be able to better move between major cities in our region and we can continue pursuing our goals to reduce personal car ownership and single occupancy vehicles, making Florida more liveable for all.”

To begin the partnership, both organisations are announcing special promotions and discounts for users.

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