Deutsche Bahn Adopts New Tamping Surveying Solution for Track Installation

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Deutsche Bahn procures its new tamping surveying system for track maintenance from Amberg Technologies…

Deutsche Bahn procures its new tamping surveying system for track maintenance from Amberg Technologies...

Deutsche Bahn procures its new tamping surveying system for track maintenance from Amberg Technologies. The Swiss tamping surveying solution unites track position and distance surveying in a single system and can be used for both new track installations and for maintenance. It was handed over at the InnoTrans trade fair.


Amberg Technologies tamping surveying solution: enhanced performance, better surveyed data quality.

Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB), switches to a new tamping surveying solution from Amberg Technologies. It will support maintenance measures of automated tamping of tracks and points. The decisive factors involved in the move were primarily better performance and improved quality of survey data provided by the Amberg Rail tamping surveying solution: The cost of tamping surveying can thus be reduced by 40 to 70 per cent. ‘We sought for and found an innovative tamping surveying solution. Not only are servicing costs reduced thanks to increased performance for maintenance, new installation and modernisation of the rail network, we also anticipate benefits in terms of a competitive edge’, Thomas Behn, machine pool general superintendent at DB Netz AG, summarises the background for the procurement. Amberg Technologies hands over the systems, specially adapted to DB’s requirements, officially in September at the InnoTrans in Berlin, the international trade fair for transportation technology.

Additional Services and Individual Adaptations

According to DB Netz AG, another reason for the decision in favour of the Amberg Rail tamping surveying solution was that Amberg Technologies provide users with intensive training and project monitoring. ‘We were also impressed with the efficient implementation: The original Amberg Rail tamping surveying solution was configured to the requirements profile specified in the DB Netze invitation to tender within three months. The new tamping surveying system is highly flexible: it works quickly and efficiently on two easily transportable track surveying trolleys and can be easily operated by two people’, Thomas Behn concludes.

Cost-efficient Track Maintenance, Optimised Track Position

‘Track installers can carry out cost-efficient maintenance measures using the new tamping surveying solution and improve the track quality sustainably. This enables them to make an important contribution to the network operator’s efficient track maintenance’, explains Heiko Barthold, Product Manager Rail at Amberg Technologies, and continues: ‘The impulse for this product development came from the German market.’

Innovation for the Tamping Surveying Process

With the extended tamping surveying solution Amberg Technologies establishes a new surveying process based on the long chord method. The millimetre-precision surveying results allow detection of long-wave track irregularities on-the-spot. The surveying method complies with the requirements of DB guideline 824.0050. The resulting correction values are submitted – in the usual manner – as information directly to the tamping machine. What’s special about the new tamping surveying system is that in the profile mode – during track surveying – it can also record the results of lateral offset measurements. A couple of examples: platform edges, the distance to the neighbouring track or the position of the overhead wire.

Cost-efficiency Thanks to Operational Flexibility and Best Surveying Performance

The new tamping surveying solution is based on the tried-and-tested GRP System FX surveying platform and normally uses two practical, flexible and easy to use surveying trolleys. Beside integrated sensors for superelevation and gauge measurements, a precision tachymeter ensures continuous recording of the track position in a single survey run. This results in surveying capacities of more than 1,200 metres per hour, meaning that the new tamping surveying solution is three to five times faster than traditional visualisation methods.

Alternatively, tamping surveying is possible using one track surveying trolley only. This operating mode is especially useful for surveying tasks in points areas or if complete track possession is not possible. In the latter case the tachymeter is safely installed adjacent to the track. Due to their low weight the mobile surveying devices require only short set-up times and are highly flexible in handling. They can be removed from the track in seconds.

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