New future of competency management for Australian rail industry workers

Posted: 27 September 2018 | | No comments yet

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has announced that a new five-year contract has been awarded for the delivery of the ‘Rail Industry Worker Program’ (‘RIW’), the ARA’s national competency management system, on the back of an extensive tender process undertaken by key rail industry organisations.

Danny Broad, CEO of ARA, underlined the programme’s key role in protecting and enhancing safety on the nation’s rail networks: “Metro Trains Australia (MTA), working with its partners, will become the new service provider for the national RIW Program, which enables the effective management of rail worker skills across Australia.”

Danny continued: “The RIW Program has grown considerably since it started, both in terms of participation and the breadth of requirements for participants. The programme will continue to support organisations in meeting legal and regulatory obligations, as well as maximising safety.”

Leah Waymark, Acting Managing Director of MTA, also addressed the importance of efficiently managing worker competencies in the rail environment: “Safety is of paramount importance across the rail industry and the RIW Program plays a key role by enabling rail industry workers to seamlessly manage their competencies online.” 

Leah added: “The competency management system is world-class and our technology partner, Reference Point Limited, is the proven force behind the systems which keep rail, road and other key industry and infrastructure workers safe right across the UK. The RIW solution will be Australian-based and supported by multiple Australian companies to deliver locally where possible.”

“The system uses the latest smartcard technology, combined with a secure database that is compatible with multiple platforms including smartphones and real-time business intelligence reporting,” explained Leah. “We are preparing information sessions and further communications prior to going live on 30 March 2019.”

Danny added that the recent tender process will bring multiple benefits to the rail industry: “The competitive tender submissions highlighted that beyond system features, there are many additional key benefits available to the rail industry through the RIW Program. We are confident that MTA and its partners will support the evolution and future direction of the RIW Program in broadening its functions and capabilities to deliver great value for Australian rail.”