MTR Nordic’s new app was specifically designed for train commuters

Posted: 22 February 2019 | | No comments yet

MTR created the app using a 4,000-strong passenger survey together with in-depth analysis of travel patterns and traffic disruptions.


MyHeadsapp, launched by MTR Nordic, is a new travel app that sends personalised public transport updates to travellers in Stockholm directly to their mobiles.

Although it works for all types of traffic in the Stockholm Public Transport Authority (SL), MyHeadsapp was specifically designed for train commuters, as commuter trains often have longer routes, fewer departures and are more difficult to find alternative routes for.

Mark Jensen, CEO – MTR, Nordic, said: “MyHeadsapp is a completely unique solution that we hope will simplify and improve traveller’s everyday lives. It is a big step forward for travellers to able to access all of the information available to operators, personalised to their own needs. With improved predictability, we hope that even more people will choose to travel by public transport.”

Filtering traffic information and adapting it to the journeys regularly made, MyHeadsapp warns travellers when the normal route will be affected before they leave home, regardless of the number of changes the journey requires.

The app features a travel planner and a map view that shows exactly where the train or bus is.

Jeremy Long, CEO – European Business at MTR Corporation, said: “At MTR we are always looking to develop innovative solutions that enhance the passenger experience. MyHeadsapp is the perfect demonstration of this and we look forward to applying what we have learned across our operations in Europe.”

Features in MyHeadsapp include personal notes (MyHeadsapp warns, via notices, when delays or stops in traffic affect the journey); real-time information; and a travel planner (in addition to addresses and stops, you can search for restaurants, landmarks and other places).