Canadian Pacific joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Posted: 5 August 2019 | | 1 comment

Freight transportation specialist, Canadian Pacific, is keen to support the adoption of blockchain technology across the supply chain.

Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

In joining the alliance, Canadian Pacific (CP) is supporting BiTA’s mission of producing blockchain standards that allow for interoperability between participants in the global supply chain.

Blockchain is an open, extensible platform capable of sharing shipping events, messages and documents across all the actors and systems in the supply chain ecosystem. It uses cryptography to ensure that network participants see only the parts of the ledger that are relevant to them, and that transactions are secure, authenticated and verifiable.  

“We are excited to be on this journey,” said CP Vice President Information Services and Chief Information Officer Mike Redeker. “As part of BiTA, we look forward to creating opportunities and innovative solutions that benefit our customers and the broader supply chain. Joining the alliance is part of CP’s continued focus on developing and supporting technology throughout the supply chain.” 

With nearly 500 members from freight, transportation, logistics and affiliated industries, BiTA is focused on education, advocacy, networking and commercial outcomes around blockchain and other emerging technologies. It is committed to overcoming geographic, language and cultural hurdles to enable seamless commerce. 

“The alliance is pleased to have CP’s expertise and support as our organisation navigates this exciting new digital frontier,” said BiTA President Patrick Duffy. “Blockchain has the potential to smooth the transactions that occur between shippers and carriers, but it requires the active participation of transportation leaders like CP.”  

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  1. Its good news for the technology geeks and the blockchain Enthusiasts, We can see that the blockchain technologies are being implemented in many areas. The article shares the information about the Canadian pacific who joined with BiTA. For those who are unaware of the BiTA read my blog. I have explained a detailed explanation about the BiTA. (

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