GURU® railroad freeze protection drain valves for locomotives and passenger trains

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Prepare for a freeze-free winter with the GURU® for water cooled locomotives and the GURU PC® for passenger trains potable water-bearing systems.

During the frigid winter months, water cooled diesel locomotives and passenger trains with potable water-bearing systems for kitchen galleys and sanitary systems are at risk for freeze damage when the locomotive is shut down or the passenger trains heat is turned off. A freeze up could result in expensive damages, lengthy repairs, and interrupted schedules.

Relying on manually draining a locomotive or passenger train’s water tanks prior to freezing can be risky, while continued idling can be costly and wasteful. Auxiliary power units are helpful, but the challenge is protecting your locomotive and passenger train when there is no power.

ThermOmegaTech®, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, designs and manufactures automatic freeze protection drain valves for locomotives and passenger trains to prevent freeze-ups and keep your trains running on-time all winter long.

ThermOmegaTech ProductThe GURU® Plug is a thermostatic, self-actuating drain valve that monitors and responds to engine coolant water temperature. Installed at the lowest point in the coolant system, when the water temperature falls to the GURU®’s set-point, the plug snaps open and drains the system before freeze damage can occur. When you are ready to return the locomotive to service, the GURU® cartridge can be warmed up and reinserted into the housing so the water tank can be refilled.

“Depending on the desired drain rate, the valve’s ‘pop’ temperature, and the GURU®’s location, whether on the manifold or compressor head, we offer several different GURU® models” Dana Logue, Railroad Product Manager at ThermOmegaTech®, commented on ThermOmegaTech®’s innovative railroad product line. “But no matter which one is selected, they’re easy to install and provide reliable freeze protection, so it’s a win-win for locomotive maintenance teams.”

ThermOmegaTech ProductFor passenger trains with potable water-bearing systems, the GURU PC® freeze protection valve is a thermostatic, self-actuating drain valve that utilizes the same dependable technology as the GURU® Plug but instead of water, the GURU PC® valve monitors ambient temperatures. If a passenger train’s heat is turned off during a layover or station stop and the ambient temperature falls towards freezing, the GURU PC® valve will automatically drain the water system before freeze damage can occur. Once the train is restarted and heat is restored, the GURU PC® modulates closed and the potable water system can be refilled.

The GURU® Plug and GURU PC® valve both utilise Thermoloid wax actuator technology to quickly and reliably control the valves in response to a narrow temperature range. “Our valves are completely mechanical,” Logue commented. “Both the GURU® Plug and GURU PC® valve are designed to operate without a source of electricity, so a power outage won’t compromise your freeze protection.”

The GURU® is trusted as the railroad industry standard for freeze protection in North America and protects millions of dollars in investments each year. For reliable and worry-free freeze protection this winter and every winter to come, choose the GURU®.

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