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Ceneri Base Tunnel: the logical continuation in the south

6 August 2015 | By Marco Ceriani, Chief Construction Officer of AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

The NRLA Gotthard Axis comprises of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the 15km-long Ceneri Base Tunnel. The two single-track tubes of the Ceneri Base Tunnel are complemented by branch-off structures to allow additional traffic connections. So that the ambitious time schedule can be met despite difficult geological conditions, work on…


Last sleeper laid in the Gotthard Base Tunnel

4 November 2014 | By AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

On Wednesday 31 October 2014, the last rails were laid in the Gotthard Base Tunnel. At a distance of around 54m from the south portal, the contractor cast the "golden sleeper"; a big moment for everyone involved and an important milestone for the project...


Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnels on target

1 August 2013 | By Renzo Simoni, CEO, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

Work on the Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnels is on course. In the Gotthard Base Tunnel between Erstfeld and Sedrun, the ballastless railway track has been laid in both tubes. In total, 45% of the railway infrastructure systems have been installed. A pilot operation between Faido and the south portal…


Gotthard railway systems now being installed and the Ceneri is on course

1 August 2012 | By Renzo Simoni, CEO, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

Since the second final breakthrough on 23 March 2011, fitting-out of the Gotthard Base Tunnel has made rapid progress, and since September 2011, installation of the railway systems has been taking place from the north. Elsewhere in the Ceneri Base Tunnel, work has begun on the main drives from the…


Driving under the Gotthard complete and the Ceneri is on course

4 August 2011 | By Renzo Simoni, CEO, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

On 23 March 2011, between Faido and Sedrun in Switzerland, miners excavated the last metres of rock of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Both single-track tubes are therefore now continuously bored over their full length of 57 kilometres. In the Ceneri Base tunnel, the main drives from the Sigirino intermediate heading,…


Gotthard and Ceneri take major steps forward

4 August 2010 | By Renzo Simoni, CEO, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

Construction of the new Gotthard line with the Gotthard and Ceneri Base Tunnels is on course. In October 2010, a further milestone will be the final breakthrough of the Gotthard: the miners will excavate the last stretch of rock between the portals at Erstfeld and Bodio/Pollegio. On the Ceneri, in…


A successful year for the NRLA on the Gotthard and Ceneri

21 July 2009 | By Renzo Simoni, CEO, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

The year 2008 was highly successful for AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd. The work continues as scheduled and as things stand today, there is nothing to prevent the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel at the end of 2017 and the Ceneri Base Tunnel in 2019 as planned.


Reaching 100 kilometres and beyond

6 February 2007 | By Peter Zbinden, CEO and Ambros Zgraggen, Head of Communications, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

The Gotthard Base Tunnel construction work is progressing well. In the last year, almost 18 of the total 153 kilometres of shafts, passages and tunnels were excavated. At the end of 2006, more than 100 kilometres, or approximately two-thirds, of the tunnel system under the Gotthard had already been cut.…


The call for tender

14 February 2006 | By Oliver Bratschi, Manager of Railway Engineering, AlpTransit Gotthard AG

AlpTransit Gotthard is creating a flat rail link for future travel through the Alps. At the heart of the new transalpine rail route is the world’s longest tunnel – the 57km Gotthard Base Tunnel. This pioneering achievement of the 21st Century will bring major improvements to travel and transportation systems…