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Case Study: Success for Vienna’s new central rail system

10 January 2018 | By

Vienna has, since the very beginning of the railway era, had several railway terminus stations, meaning passengers have had to use public transport such as trams and buses to move from one station to the other. The construction of the new Vienna Central Station has now eliminated this inconvenience.

Influence of rail and wheel roughness on rolling noise: Measurements and analysis

16 November 2017 | By

Roughness of the rail and wheel running surfaces produce rolling noise – the most significant form of noise due to wheel-rail contact. Rolling noise from conventional metro trains, tramways, streetcars, electrical or diesel multiple units and even high-speed trains is a key consideration during the design, homologation and testing phases;…

Why rail noise needs to be addressed

5 November 2016 | By

Noise is one of the most widespread causes of public health problems in the European Union and also results in significant economic costs, including health-related productivity losses. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)1 noise is, after air pollution, the second biggest source of diseases and premature deaths. The European…