The Right Track Podcast Series- Ep 6- Net Zero

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This month, our editor, Elizabeth Jordan, moderated at UNIFE’s 33rd annual General Assembly in Brussels. The presentations and keynotes of the second morning culminated in a panel discussion looking at how there might be a perfect match between industrial and climate policies for a competitive European rail supply industry. 

The panellists involved in this session were:

Mark Nicklas, Head of Unit Mobility, DG GROW, European Commission

Giorgio Traviani, Executive Director, Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (ERJU)

Danny di Perna, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Alstom

Augusto Mensi, Member of the UNIFE Presiding Board, CEO Lucchini RS

Pascal Schweitzer, Member of the UNIFE Presiding Board, President of the Managing Board of Faiveley Transport. 

This live panel discussion on the morning of the second day of the General Assembly, followed the topics and questions addressed in one of UNIFE’s latest publications, titled: “On the move to a net-zero EU: The European Rail Supply Industry priorities for 2024-2029

In this podcast, listen to these distinguished industry experts discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the European rail supply industry, by answering questions such as:

  • How can ERJU further strengthen the role of rail in the decarbonisation of the transport system, while being in-line with the industry’s competitiveness needs?
  • How might public procurement be used to ensure a level playing-field for European rail suppliers both within the EU and outside?
  • How the latest legislation around polyflouroakyl substances (PFAS) could impact supplier businesses.

And much more!

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