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HŽ Infrastruktura



HŽ Infrastruktura leading the biggest EU project in Croatia

25 May 2016 | By Renata Suša, President of the Management Board of HŽ Infrastruktura

Croatia became an integral part of the European transport market when it joined the European Union on 1 July 2013, opening up both opportunities and challenges for its railway sector. Croatia initially focused on rebuilding roads but it has recently turned its attention to rail development – especially the modernisation…


Croatia: Infrastructure modernisation for a more competitive railway

12 February 2014 | By Darko Peričić, President of the Management Board, HŽ Infrastructure

2013 was spent implementing the financial and organisational restructuring of Croatian Railways. The company was divided into three independent entities of which HŽ Cargo and HŽ Passenger Transportation are marketorientated transport operators whilst HŽ Infrastructure is the state-owned infrastructure manager. As a result, HŽ Infrastructure has seen major changes.



18 February 2013 | By Darko Peričić, President of the Board HŽ Infrastruktura

The end of October 2012 saw the finalisation of the status and structural changes to the HŽ Holding system in the scope of the Restructuring Programme, and now we are entering a new phase in the organisation of the railways in Croatia in which three independent companies will seek new…


Taking significant steps forward

23 January 2009 | By Mijat Kurtušic, President of the Management Board, HŽ Infrastruktura

Mijat Kurtušic discusses the events which have made a striking difference to the Croatian railway system over the last two years.