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5G is offering many technological advances throughout the world in other industries in terms of cellular reliability, so why not apply these advantages to the railway systems as well? Technologically speaking, 5G acts as a consolidator for the entire G range of networks. However, 5G is offering an entire generational shift that allows for 1ms of latency and 1Gbps download speeds, which is a considerable improvement over the former 4G.


Evolving beyond GSM-R with 5G-oriented FRMCS

6 July 2022 | By ,

In this interview for Global Railway Review, Zhang Jianjun, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG Wireless Marketing and Solution Sales Department, explains at a time when global rail networks are seeking new solutions to ensure safer and smarter operations, that railways urgently need a successor of GSM-R; and 5G oriented…


The steady train to automation

10 March 2022 | By ,

Karsten Oberle, Head of Rail at Nokia, explores the futuristic implications that increasing automation in the rail industry can offer and explains what benefits rail operators can expect by fully embracing automation.