“Digital information will be key in bringing people back safely to rail”

Craig Waters, Editor of Global Railway Review, speaks to Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect at Nomad Digital, about post-pandemic travel and how technology can play a part in enticing passengers back to rail travel.

Passenger rail has been one of the most impacted sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering a catastophic decrease in passenger numbers since March 2020.

But, as restrictions start to ease and we all get back to a little bit of ‘normality’, there is now a requirement for the industry to entice people back on to the railway.

In this interview, Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect at Nomad Digital, explores the changes in passenger demands because of COVID-19, where improvements can be made to win back the trust of passengers, the benefits of Nomad Digital’s Engage Portal, and the importance of making train journeys enjoyable, simple and smart to satisfy passengers’ demands for ‘intelligent’ and connected journeys.

Jeremy Haskey

Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect, Nomad Digital

Jeremy is Nomad Digital‘s Chief Architect and has been with the company since 2014, and has responsibility for the architecture of Nomad Digital’s range of innovative technological solutions for the marketplace. Jeremy has over 25 years of experience in designing telecommunications networks for major service providers and critical national infrastructure in the transportation market, including safety-critical systems for road-based traffic control and railway signalling. Notably, he was the named architect with the British government for the £500 million National Roads Telecommunications Services project. Jeremy has held several senior positions at Vice President level with prominent telecommunications companies, including Alcatel Lucent and Newbridge Networks and has designed and deployed  projects across the world. Jeremy is a Chartered Engineer, has a degree in Engineering as well as a post-graduate in Business Administration.

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