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Nomad Digital


You can find below Global Railway Review’s content from, or mentioning, Nomad Digital – the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions and trackside railway networks.


Roundtable: Improving the Passenger Experience

26 August 2021 | By

Find out what these industry experts think about topics including: the role of accessibility in delivering an exceptional passenger experience; how digital solutions can support a more seamless journey; the changes passengers can expect following the pandemic; and the importance of making a rail journey more attractive than taking the…


Global Railway Review Issue 4 2021

25 August 2021 | By

Packed full of exclusive content, including: a Roundtable discussion on Improving the Passenger Experience; an In-Depth Focus to explore Rail’s Role In Reaching Zero Carbon Targets; the continual progress of Russian Railways’ digital transformation; the digital optimisation of track maintenance in Hungary; and much more!


In-Depth Focus: On-Board Connectivity

11 December 2020 | By

Reliable connectivity has become an ‘expected norm’ in our everyday lives, including when stepping onto a train. With passengers expecting to be able to work, access up-to-date information and be entertained while they travel, this In-Depth Focus showcases the on-board connectivity strategies of three different train operating companies and how…


Global Railway Review Issue 6 2020

9 December 2020 | By

In this issue, we feature articles from industry experts on a vast range of topics including: Transforming Australia’s freight network; HS2: Continuing to innovate to drive the workforce skills agenda; Making switch machines intelligent plus our 'On-Board Connectivity' and 'Winter Preparedness' In-Depth Focuses.


Podcast: Episode 3 – Nomad Digital

25 November 2020 | By ,

In this podcast sponsored by Nomad Digital, Global Railway Review’s Editor, Craig Waters, speaks to Paul Vaclik, Head of R&D and Architecture at Nomad Digital, Rodrigo Fernandes, Product Director at Irdeto, and Keith O’Brien, Head of Business Development (EMEA) for Filmbankmedia, about how the rail passenger experience can be improved…