Bringing VIA Rail to the next level: New fleet and new railway

Posted: 17 February 2021 | | 8 comments

Cynthia Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of VIA Rail Canada, details the ambition behind restoring the critical role of passenger rail in Canada.

VIA Rail

Credit: VIA Rail Canada

The history of rail is intimately linked to that of Canada. The initial national railroad was built with the intent to connect communities in order to move goods and people, therefore playing a crucial role in the socio-economic development of this vast country.

Now, after five consecutive years of ridership and revenue growth up until 2019, VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) is reaching a new milestone: Restoring the critical role of passenger rail by changing the way that we are moving forward.

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    8 responses to “Bringing VIA Rail to the next level: New fleet and new railway”

    1. Via fan says:

      Build new HSR tracks bewteen Calgary and Edmonton that is a good an profitble and needed place for high-speed rail and put electric trains.

    2. Chris West says:

      Returning schedules dropped in 2012 and High Performance Rail that may be completed quickly and at moderate cost must be immediate objectives. Chris West St. Marys ON

    3. Andrew Craig says:

      The current concern is between Montreal and Toronto where CN prefer to remove VIA from their tracks due to increase freight traffic. Otherwise hope to re-route CN’s freight to use CP’s tracks further north or re-build an expensive route by straightening the abandoned rail route between Peterborough and Perth by ruining pristine landscapes. This will mean that all VIA trains will detour through Ottawa that may increase 6 to 7 hours between those two cities then train use will decline further.

    4. Marty CAHILL says:

      Calgary’s rail line belongs to CPR, and until there is an agreement to run Via trains on their tracks, there will not be service to or from Calgary.

    5. Robert Assaly says:

      If you’re serious, instead of High Frequency Rail, why not High Speed Rail?

    6. Laura Pearce says:

      why is not Calgary included in the development with one million people no access to the rest of the country

    7. Kerri Maunula says:

      How about including Thunder Bay ? You would have many more customers. How many people get on the train in Armstrong? I am guessing way less than what you would get here.

    8. Matthew Fillion says:

      The system needs to restored Calgary to Banff …these area are hard hit by pandemic and survival on the tourist industry.

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