DIGIM II: Reinforce safety by connecting level crossings to cars

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The International Union of Railways’ (UIC) Francis Bedel, Chief Digital Officer, and Parinaz Bazeghi, Digital Project Manager, explain the innovative DIGIM II and explore how its new proof of concept (POC) could see level crossing safety revolutionised by connecting the car with the system.

DIGIM II: Reinforce safety by connecting level crossings to cars

The emergence of new technologies and connected infrastructures and vehicles in recent years offers a new opportunity to increase safety at level crossings, which is a main priority for railways around the world.

DIGIM II – a new Proof of Concept (POC) – has been designed and evaluated for connecting level crossings to their surroundings to solve the problem of level crossing violation.

The aim of DIGIM II is to improve safety and efficiency at level crossings. In this POC, level crossings will be connected to cars to alert and warn them regarding the status of an approaching level crossing. If no action or insufficient action is taken by the driver, the car will take control by slowing down and stopping safely before the barrier.

The project will run in two phases. In the first phase, in partnership with DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, UIC showcased how the ‘3DEXPERIENCE® Platform’ could be used to develop and simulate an example of a conceptual architecture of a ‘Connected Level Crossing’. The aim of this first step was to show that several simulation technologies could be connected together within the same digital platform – the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform – to define, study and simulate a complex system that connects a level crossing with an automobile.

In the second phase of the project, in partnership with an industrial organisation (either an automotive OEM or an automotive supplier), a real system could be designed, developed, simulated and then tested in a realenvironment.

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