In-Depth Focus: Achieving Intelligent Rail Freight

Posted: 3 June 2021 | | No comments yet

The key to achieving growth in rail freight safety, efficiency and sustainability, lies in the continued digitalisation of the rail system. This In-Depth Focus explores the different approaches of various stakeholders in driving forward a total revolution in rail freight operations.

  • Boosting the implementation of innovative projects for a competitive railway

Emanuele Mastrodonato, Managing Director, RFC ScanMed; Jan Bergstrand, Senior Strategic Analyst & Programme Manager, Trafikverket; and Linda Thulin, President of RFC ScanMed & responsible for International Relations on Railways, Trafikverket

  • Russian Railways’ digital solutions for international freight transportation and logistics

Sergey Pavlov, First Deputy Managing Director of International Business Development & International Affairs, Russian Railways

  • Railroad to climate-neutrality: Next generation rail freight transport

Ben Möbius, Managing Director, VDB

  • BNSF’s journey to creating a safer, smarter railroad

Muru Murugappan, Vice President of Technology Services & Chief Information Officer, BNSF Railway

  • Expert Panel

With participants: John Felty, Managing Director, Amsted Digital Solutions SAS and Dr. Gerhard Troche, Managing Director, EU Rail Freight Corridor ‘Amber’

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