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With more than 50 years of experience, CAF MiiRA designs, develops and provides rail gearboxes for passenger and freight trains worldwide, making it a well-known and trusted supplier in a sector that has become one of the most demanding, where performance and competitiveness requirements increase year by year.

Experienced partner for comprehensive solutions

Over the last 50 years, we have developed and delivered over 25,000 gearboxes, providing reliable, expert and flexible support for all vehicle types to clients worldwide.

With a focus on reaching a flawless understanding of customer needs, our multidisciplinary team collaborates with clients and suppliers to define the correct solution for each case.

As a part of CAF Group, we can draw on a wealth of experience, and apply it systematically in the development of next generation gearboxes. The Group’s international network and global footprint allows us to be close to our clients and fulfil any logistical requirement they may have.

Product quality and reliability guaranteed

Well-established implementation in the production system of LEAN Manufacturing Philosophy and KAIZEN Methodology enables us to provide our customers with state‑of‑the‑art product quality and competitiveness, in addition to lead-time guarantee.

Furthermore, our gearboxes are manufactured in flexible production cells. A highly trained workforce accompanies the gearbox along the entire assembly process, which concludes with complete end-of-line tests and quality control routines. Consequently, CAF MiiRA can offer the market the highest standards of reliability in our products.

We have utilised our years of experience to develop a comprehensive and reliable supply chain that provides us with advanced components produced under our strict design and quality requirements. Our Supplier Quality Assurance team works daily hand-in-hand with our in-house Laboratory of Materials and Metrology department in order to assess the highest levels of quality in our supply chain.

train caf miira

With more than 50 years of experience, CAF MiiRA designs, develops and provides rail gearboxes for passenger and freight trains worldwide.

Client satisfaction is our key driver

We offer a gearbox portfolio that covers the challenges faced by all vehicle types. Our experience in design and service has allowed us to define a standard product portfolio that can be personalised to any project requirement, thanks to our team of expert engineers.

Our clients’ competitiveness in their own businesses is important to CAF MiiRA and consequently, the design of our products is driven by lifecycle costs reduction. As a result, our gearboxes minimise the recurring costs associated with their operation and maintenance.

Client satisfaction is, of course, a key objective for CAF MiiRA. We have developed value added solutions in all our projects delivered worldwide. Among other benefits, our gearboxes have several advantages including a significant decrease in maintenance costs, a 2x increase in oil change intervals, optimisation in internal lubrication, increases of overhaul periods, increase in the efficiency of motor gearbox combo and lower fuel consumption.

With a solid level of expertise, experience and technology know-how, the unique capability to offer in-house designed comprehensive wheelset solutions backed by a strong Group and a clear focus on quality and reliability, CAF MiiRA is ready to partner with our customers to face the upcoming challenges with our next generation gearboxes.