Product Showcase: Arcadis EAM Core: Leading Asset Management

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Unlock the full potential of your Rail assets with Arcadis EAM Core. Built on IBM Maximo, our solution streamlines asset management to enhance reliability, safety, and cost-efficiency across your network.

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Best-in-Class Asset Management for Rail

It is imperative for Rail organizations to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their transportation infrastructure. Arcadis’ comprehensive solution, specifically designed for the transportation industry, not only supports asset resilience but also adapts seamlessly to unexpected changes and growing demands. Using a robust suite of tools and functionalities, Arcadis EAM Core enhances IBM Maximo’s enterprise asset management environment without the need for costly customization or complex upgrade paths.

In addition, Arcadis EAM Core effortlessly supplements IBM Maximo’s capabilities with advanced, transportation-specific features. This integrated approach allows for sophisticated asset modelling, linear asset management, and a regulatory compliance framework that collectively improve operations and maintenance processes, ensuring maximum uptime and extended asset life.

Designed for the Unique Demands of Transportation Networks

From tracks and switches to rolling stock and facilities, Arcadis EAM Core offers unparalleled visibility and control over complex asset hierarchies all in the same system. Our solution empowers asset managers to optimize maintenance plans, reduce operational disruptions, and manage the entire asset lifecycle more efficiently.

Key to Arcadis EAM Core is its ability to provide real-time, actionable data, enabling quick and informed decision-making that helps avoid downtime and minimize repair costs. The system’s fault management features improve response times with increased accuracy, and its proactive maintenance capability enhances vehicle and infrastructure performance, which are both essential for maintaining continuous service excellence.

Beyond operational benefits, Arcadis EAM Core helps organizations meet stringent regulatory and safety standards, thereby enhancing overall network safety and reliability. Its compliance management tools effectively mitigate risks, helping to avoid costly penalties and supporting sustainable business practices.

Mobile Capabilities for a Distributed Workforce

The Arcadis Mobile Work Execution (MWE) app is the perfect field companion, designed to improve work order execution and maintain high productivity levels, no matter the location. As an add-on to Arcadis EAM Core, the MWE app ensures that field technicians are always connected, with access to real-time data and the ability to synchronize their activities with central operations, as well as work offline.

MWE is particularly beneficial for large-scale and complex projects where coordination and efficiency are critical. It features an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and task management, significantly reducing the learning curve for new users. Through its streamlined flow design and enforced validations, the app supports enhanced data quality. Equipped with map views for route planning and push notifications for immediate updates, MWE ensures that all team members are promptly informed about work priorities on the go. Its capabilities to capture detailed work logs, photographs, videos and updates in real-time also allow for better documentation and compliance, streamlining operations and improving overall workflow efficiency.

A New Era for Your Asset Management Capabilities

By adopting Arcadis EAM Core, you will elevate your asset management approach to meet modern Rail demands. It will help you simplify complex processes while also delivering significant cost savings and operational efficiencies to your organization. With its transportation industry-specific design pre-built, Arcadis EAM Core accelerates value and simplifies upgrades, future proofing your asset management. Arcadis EAM Core is your strategic partner in achieving a more connected, sustainable, and efficient transportation network.

To learn more about how Arcadis EAM Core can revolutionize your asset management strategy, visit us online  or reach out directly through our product support team.

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