Getting ready for the first rail tendering project in Finland

Posted: 5 August 2014 | Kimmo Sinisalo, Project Manager for Rail Tendering at HSL | No comments yet

HSL – the Helsinki Region Transport Authority – will start the opening of the Finnish passenger rail market by tendering the contract for local trains starting in 2018. Kimmo Sinisalo – Project Manager for Rail Tendering at HSL – provides more details…

Kimmo Sinisalo – Project Manager for Rail Tendering at HSL

Kimmo Sinisalo – Project Manager for Rail Tendering
at HSL

The incumbent VR (Finnish State Railways) still has a monopoly position in Finland, but the conditions for a successful first tendering exist. Finland separated the rail network manager and the railway operator in 1995, and the rolling stock company JKOY was founded in 2004 to provide the new trains for tendered services. HSL is the competent authority within the Helsinki capital region, and it has the opportunity to open tendering after the current direct award contract with VR ends.

HSL is a regional authority responsible for a multi-modal integrated public transport system. The local trains carry 55 million passengers over six million train kilometers annually. The trains provide approximately 20% of the transport services on offer, combining with buses, metro, trams and ferry services to form a high-quality system. Public transport is used on 43% of motorised trips within the Helsinki region, a high share that has been reached with a complete integration of transport services, including ticketing and fares, and a long-term plan committed to the development of the rail networks.

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