Global Railway Review Issue 3 2019

Posted: 3 June 2019 | | No comments yet

In this issue we explore Slovenian Railways’ development strategy which will improve passenger experience, how the MOMIT project is using satellites and drones to support railway infrastructure maintenance, how the industry can improve the performance of freight and the latest techniques in manufacturing bogies and wheelsets. Plus experts and familiar industry names wish Global Railway Review a happy 25th birthday.

Included in this issue:

  • A generation of change by Craig Waters, Editor, Global Railway Review
  • Implementing an ambitious development strategy to ultimately benefit passengers from Miha Butara, Assistant Director General, Slovenian Railways
  • Satellites and drones to support railway infrastructure maintenance from Valeria Donzelli, Project Coordinator, MOMIT
  • Providing a robust and crucial radio communication system for Marmaray with Cobham Wireless
  • The Swedish railway industry and the global evolution of digital signalling systems from Pia Lagerlöf, General secretary for SWEDTRAIN
  • Rail freight in the next decade: Potential for performance improvements? from Libor Lochman, Executive Director, CER
  • Freight innovation in Australia from Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer, ARA
  • Steaming ahead to a digital future from Alex Veitch, Head of Multimodal Policy, FTA
  • Smart freight solutions for a stronger future from Clemens Först, CEO, Rail Cargo Group
  •  ČD’s modern underfloor wheel lathe brings many benefits from Miroslav Kupec, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, ČD
  • Finding the right formula for bogies and wheelsets from Neil Dinmore, Principal Engineer Structures and Material, RSSB

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