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Rail Articles

In-Depth Focus: Bogies & Wheelsets

4 June 2021 | By

This In-Depth Focus takes a look at some of the latest projects and techniques available to utilise innovative solutions and help improve the lifecycle of bogies and wheelsets – vital rolling stock components.

In-Depth Focus: Achieving Intelligent Rail Freight

3 June 2021 | By

The key to achieving growth in rail freight safety, efficiency and sustainability, lies in the continued digitalisation of the rail system. This In-Depth Focus explores the different approaches of various stakeholders in driving forward a total revolution in rail freight operations.

Global Railway Review Issue 3 2021

2 June 2021 | By

Packed full of exclusive content, including: the projects transforming rail infrastructure in Croatia and Bulgaria; creating safer, smarter and more climate-friendly rail freight networks; extending the lifecycle of bogies and wheelsets; and a Roundtable on Strengthening Rail's Position in the Logistics Industry.

The role of Indian Railways in COVID-19 crisis management

17 May 2021 | By

Priya Agrawal, Deputy Chief Signal and Telecom Engineer at Indian Railways, writes about the ways in which Indian Railways is dynamically adapting passenger services, freight and even train coaches to support the nation as it experiences another severe wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

How the Eurasian Economic Union affects railways

12 May 2021 | By

For Global Railway Review, Platon Guryanov, Head of the International Practice within the Legal Department of Russian Railways (RZD), provides an insight into how the EAEU affects rail transit across its member states, and the legislation that is driving its formation of a ‘single transport space’.